5 Insurance Claims Aussie SMEs are Most Likely to Make

Here are the top five insurance claims Australian SMEs make, according to insurers. This article will also offer tips to improve your risk management, so you’re less likely to need to claim for any of these events. #1 Claim: Theft Theft and burglary are the top claims. Consider these moves to reduce the likelihood of […]

SME Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance Broker or Adviser

As an SME, you’re always looking for a better deal for insurance to protect your business, its assets, and liabilities. This article explains how an insurance broker or adviser’s expertise can optimise your coverage within your budget and risk profile. The Great Insurance Squeeze Insurance premiums have increased 16.2% over the past year, faster than […]

Event Cancelled? Your Hospitality Business Could be Covered!

Event cancellation is a major bugbear of the hospitality sector. An estimated 21,000 events were cancelled during the pandemic in 2020, and that’s only counting Australian mass participation sporting events. There are also community events, weddings, entertainment shows, conventions, concerts, exhibitions, fashion/art/award events, and more. However, event organisers, including hospitality businesses, are no longer at the […]

Supply Chain Disruptions & Business Interruption Cover

Supply chain risk management is the top area for Australian businesses to improve upon, according to a recent survey by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Alarmingly, the survey found 44% of companies surveyed were not doing anything to manage supply chain or third-party risks. In this article, we’ll explain how to audit your business for supply chain […]

Insurance for the café and restaurant sector

What are the key risks in the café andrestaurant sector? The café and restaurant sector is dynamic, with owners and operators busy juggling the plates and spinning the bottles required in the day-to-day management of such a fast-paced industry.Whether you’re running a café, restaurant or catering business, some of the key risks you face include […]

Minimise the Risks of Taking a Summer Business Break

Closing your business over the summer can make a lot of sense. Maybe your employees are on leave, you’re struggling with a staff shortage, it’s a quiet time of year, or you’re hankering for a break. Check these six tips to help prepare and you’ll be able to hit the ground running on your return […]

Lawsuit? What To Do if Your Business Is Served

Disclaimer: The following article provides general business advice and is not intended to serve as legal advice. Each business situation is unique, and laws vary by location. Consult with a qualified solicitor for advice tailored to your specific circumstances and jurisdiction. Before you’re served, you may have already received a written notice that someone wants to […]

Is Your Business Located in One of these Hotspots?

Bush fire hotspots are relevant year-round, not just during the fire season. Factors that come into play include vegetative growth, humidity, wind, rainfall, lighting, and temperature inversions. According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), Australia has five fire danger seasons: You can roughly find out which one applies to where you’re based on this BoM site. […]